The History of Lexington United Methodist Church



Click this link to see a slide presentation about our church history.  Church History Slides

2016 - Rev. Elizabeth Murray joined our staff as the Youth Minister.  Rev. Murray is a Deacon in the UM Conference.

2015 - Rev. Weston Pendergrass joined our staff as the Associate Pastor.  Charge conference reported that our congregation numbered 1,229.

2014 - Rev. Miyoung Paik moved to the Columbian Korean United Methodist Church.

2010 - 2014 - Rev. Ken Owens came to LUMC in June, 2010 after Rev. Knight left as the District Superintendent, Marion District.  The Shepherd's Center became a part of LUMC in 2012.

1999 - 2010 - Rev. Richard H. (Dickie) Knight - Pastor, Rev. Miyoung Paik, Associate Pastor. In 2004, a major building program was undertaken, which resulted in the addition of the Ministry Center. This building included a basketball court size room on the main level and classroom space on the lower. An arts and crafts room was also located on the lower level. The Susanna Wesley Prayer room was added in the upper level as well as a completely equipped audio-visual booth.  The labyrinth ministry, Snack Sack ministry, and Taizé service were added during this time.  After purging the rolls of approximately 125 inactive members LUMC membership stood at about 1,100 members in 2009.  Membership was at 1.155 in 2010 when Dickie Knight was promoted to the Marion District Superintendent position.

1991 - 1999 - Rev. John Wesley Ropp, pastor, 1991 - The Hires property behind the church was purchased for youth activities. The youth named the property Decapolis. A tornado in 1994 did extensive damage to the church building, but through the efforts of a dedicated congregation and good insurance, the church fully recovered within one year. There were 1,019 members reported to the Charge Conference in 1996.

1988 Third Expansion Education Building - Rev. Fred Reese, pastor, 1984-1991 - The Snelgrove Property beside the church was purchased for $63,000. The Educational building was extended 12,000 sq. ft. Behind the Bates Building. The new extension was consecrated in 1988 in memory of Roy Rhoten. Ruth Arant, the first Diaconal Minister, was employed in 1989 . Rev. Alace Linder, first Associate Minister, was appointed in 1990. There were 900 members.

1981 Second Expansion Sanctuary - Rev. David Spivey, pastor, 1979-1984. The sanctuary was extended out towards Main Street. The large art glass window was added on the front. There were 793 members in 1985.

1965 First Expansion Education Building - Rev. Ralph Bates, pastor, 1964-1968. The Educational Building was extended, all on ground level. A new side entrance and a covered drive on Fort Street were added. There was a new Social Hall, more classrooms, stage, and parlor. Rev. Delos Corderman, pastor, 1972-1976. Two morning worship services, 9:00 and 11:00 AM. There were 631 members in 1980.

1949 Fourth Church - Rev. T. A. Inabinet, pastor, 1947-1951. A new church was built on the present site. It included the first educational wing - 2 stories and the first rest rooms. It was paid for in one year after occupancy. A new parsonage was built in 1950 next to church. There were 340 members in 1950.

1910 Third Church - Rev. J. C. Counts, pastor, 1909-1910. This one was a brick, one room, building with an alcove and a chancel area. It faced Main Street instead of Fort Street. There were 139 members.

1875 Second Church - Rev. George Gatlin, pastor, 1874. Met in Lutheran Church during building Frame building with tall steeple on same spot facing Fort Street. There were still only 5 members.

1850 First Church - Rev. David Derrick, first appointed pastor in 1850. This was an old doorless building standing on land acquired from Lawrence Charles (Corley) that faced Fort Street. There were 5 members.

1830 - 49 - Brush Arbor, Rev. Thomas Rall (Rawl) first native Methodist preacher.

1787 and before - Bishop Francis Asbury first brought Methodism to Lexington.