Welcome to Lexington United Methodist Church!


Come experience the warm welcome you’ll receive at Lexington United 
Methodist Church.

If your looking for . . .
 a Christian community
  a place that is safe for young and old
   a place where you will be challenged to grow spiritually
    a place to be in mission for God
     a place where you can heal
      or a place where you matter. . .
then come see if Lexington UMC might be where God is calling you.

As a pastor, I am honored to share the goodness, mercy and hope of 
God.  Like many people, I have many thanksgivings.  I have a wonderful 
life, with a wife and daughters who love the Lord.  But, I’ve also 
known great loss.  Yet, in all of it God has been with me, and that 
reality of God is what I, and the people of Lexington UMC, are 
compelled to share.

If you are looking for the next step -- or maybe even the first step 
-- in your life with Christ, Lexington United Methodist Church will 
provide you a path to follow.

The followers of Christ at LUMC stand ready to join with you in living 
God’s word - sharing God’s love.

Visit us soon!

Rev. Ken Owens