Pastor Kim

“The earthshaking promise of Easter is that God has not forsaken any of us” … United Methodist pastor, writer, and teacher James Harnish suggests. “The risen Christ will meet us along the confused, chaotic, fearful paths of our lives, and speak the same words the women heard at the tomb: Do Not Be Afraid!”
Please join us each week, beginning Monday, Feb. 22nd as we participate in this energizing study which invites us to explore how Jesus’ resurrection shifts our assumptions about ourselves and about God. Each week of this six week Lenten study contains thoughts for reflection, a prayer focus, and a suggested hymn for you to research on your own.

Throughout the season of Lent, beginning February 18th, you are invited to participate in a journey through the very last words of Jesus from the cross. Perhaps you have never thought about it this way before, but Jesus’ last words from the cross actually epitomize messages of … love, not hate; grace, not rage; and mercy rather than vengeance … messages which we so desperately need to hear AND speak in these threateningly dark times of the current age. As we move through the sacred words of Jesus each week, we will learn more about the origins of Christianity, and how Jesus’ final words created a foundation for both oral and written traditions – a foundation that literally upended the very order of the world!
Due to continued safety and health concerns amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, these 2 studies will be made available virtually
Beginning Thursday February 18th, each week’s Thursday lesson will be posted every Thursday for six weeks, and beginning Monday February 22nd, each week’s Monday lesson will posted every Monday for six weeks and will remain available for you to view at your leisure throughout the entire Lenten season.
For inquiries or further questions, please contact Pastor Kim.

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Pastor Jim

Starting on Ash Wednesday February 17th, Pastor Jim will be leading a small group Lenten study on the Apostles’ Creed. This will be a six week virtual Zoom study from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. every Wednesday morning.

Adam Hamilton’s Creed explores what Christians believe, why they believe, and why it matters through the Apostles’ Creed.

We’re used to answers popping up on a screen right in front of us. But when the questions examine the truths that give meaning and purpose to life, finding the answers takes more than simply typing a few words and pushing a button. Adam Hamilton believes that powerful answers to many of our complicated questions are contained in the Apostles’ Creed, an early statement of foundational Christian beliefs. In Creed, he explores not only what Christians believe, but also why they believe, and why it matters, which in turn leads readers to confront and examine their own core beliefs and go beyond reciting the Creed’s familiar words. Please consider joining Pastor Jim in this six-week churchwide program studying our Creed. See below for more in purchasing this study.

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Pastor Elizabeth

Pastor Elizabeth will be teaching a 5-week Lenten study on Monday nights at 7pm from February 22nd until March 29th (no class March 8th).  This will be a contemplative study guided by the book Walking in the Wilderness by Beth Richardson. Purchase of the book is not mandatory, but it can complement the study as a daily companion. 

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Heather Connor

Godly Play Videos On YouTube

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