Snack Sack is a mission outreach program offered by members of Lexington UMC wherein children who are without enough food during times that the Lexington County District 1 schools are closed will be sent home with a grocery bag filled with nutritious and child friendly snacks.  Started in 2006, Huntley Crouch began the program with the help of a small group of dedicated friends, packing 12 Snack Sacks each week.  With the help and support of Lexington UMC, the program has grown rapidly.

Currently, we pack over 300 bags each week.  Also, we continue to help other churches begin similar programs in their communities.  Specific food items are requested weekly or as needed to fill sacks for children in some of the local schools who are less fortunate. They take the sacks home on Friday for the weekend and will have at least some food they can count on until school begins the next week.  Bags are filled with more food for children during the longer Christmas and summer breaks. Volunteers can help by bringing in food items requested or volunteering to fill the bags here at the church or helping in the coordination.

Snack Sack Needs Your Help!

The snack sack ministry is growing. This year we will be packing about 300 bags each week. That will require many volunteers and monetary donations.

If your school would like to request Snacks Sacks to benefit some of your students, or if you would like to donate money to Snack Sacks program or find out how to start a similar program in your community, contact the Lexington UMC at 803.359.6838 or email our Snack Sack Coordinator, Rick Cunningham.

Snack Sack Financial Report